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Whether you are looking to outsource your entire process, or want to have a hand in part or even every bit of your web presence, we are here to make that possible. Your business is certainly not a one size peg that will fit only one hole and we are not a one size fits all kind of process here either.

WestILMall.com provides the base hosting package, whether that is a 1 page presence (we like to call that a Mall Biz Card but what that means is up to you) or you are demanding a secure site with daily changing content administered by multiple employees back at your brick and mortar ... well our job is to fill in the blanks where you need us to.

But more then simple hosting, we want to enable you with tools that allow you to grow at a price that won't stall your engine before you ever get going.  

If you use the "Information Super Highway" analogy then the basics are this:

  • You need a license plate, vanity plate if you will, and that is your "domain name". Oddly the most important part of your vehicle and also the cheapest part of your package. Because it is oddly so cheap there are plenty of people "cyber squatting" the good names. We work with you to come up with acceptable compromises with the least impact on advertising and customer use. ie: WestILMall.com is our vanity plate. Your identity is yours to own and with us you do. Other designers may retain that, or at least confuse you on who owns what part, which adds to "dot.com.long.gone.itis" over time. 
  • You need a vehicle, Western Illinois Mall hosting is where you lease that. Size and vehicle enhancements are determined by what you intend to do. That need may change and we can adjust your vehicle to match your need and ability to up the horsepower to meet that need.
  • You may need a "driver" or certainly will need someone to initially customize your vehicle. Paint it appropriately, load it with product racks, possibly maintain it and drive it from time to time. They call those people "webmasters" and many places they are extremely proud and/or possessive of their abilities. We however are a bit more realistic of what our $$$ value is in that part of the equation. We are also Allen Family electronic Publishing here and want to empower you with any tools necessary for self updating and site maintenance to keep our hand out of your pocket and yours in it to the extent your time is less valuable then ours.

Mostly however if you qualify to be listed here, and being in a legitimate business of peddling wares with a proven concern for the ultimate in customer satisfaction at all times is all it takes, you also gain ranking in the "group of trusted Mall merchants" which is a big perk should you be interested in reaching out and selling wares to strangers not local to your Midwest business. Naturally that means that you, just as we do, view the customer as king and a person always to be kept happy.

It really is that simple. It really is that affordable. It really is that limitless and finding where you fit into it all won't cost you a penny. 

Western Illinois Online Shopping Mall
1238 10th Street Smithshire IL 61478

ph: (309) 221-1427