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About Us

This is the Western Illinois Online Shopping Mall, the hosting part of Allen Family electronic Publishing web design and the Western Illinois Life Network Wireless Internet services. If that is not enough, we also are a licensed Illinois Resale entity here to assist in PC builds, hardware needs and business networking schemes.

In theory, top to bottom, your hired gun for everything Internet wise. And at a time when unfortunately "Internet Horror Stories" still abound, where webmasters view themselves as expensive Web Gods rather then your business web lackey on a budget and when one multi-faceted Internet biz after another is downsizing, spinning off portions or selling out entirely... well let's be honest folks we are doing an insane amount of support at an equally insane small figure and doing it with basically just a one-man-war and a whole lot of practical wits thrown at the problem.

If that is not crazy enough, we are in fact a third generation farmer but with a degree in Communications, what you call "advertising", and although that degree came when the Mozilla browser was just some gleam in a fellow super computing student's eye...

The embarrassing little secret that most developers omit mentioning while trying to befuddle you with technology descriptions and nonsense you don't care to know ... is that honestly has changed in the entire history of man from the first time Eve gave Adam that sales pitch on the value of owning one of those hot red apples to current day!  Are we not still are selling "Apples"?  They just come in more colors, call it a "MAC" now and it happens from the privacy of your home by way of online? Just flying electrons and all new virtual paper but the basic job at hand is exactly the same and once you accept the simplicity of that then a bit of farmer mentality is in order. 

So with folks out there using the image of talking spotted cows to sell PCs? Well suddenly a "cowboy" here bringing a bit of sanity to the wild wild west of highway robbery and Internet horror stories one after the other makes real sense. 

Finally someone in other worldly business pursuits who thinks like you, a fellow businessman thinks. A practical approach to a critical component to your future. A component with a soul purpose: SELLING SOMETHING. And someone who good name, reputation and total customer satisfaction has meaning to the both of us in this partnership to your future.

"Hay" you call, you ALWAYS get the boss!

Preston - Owner:

www.WestILMall.com - Western Illinois Online Shopping (and information) Mall
www.AFePub.com - Allen Family electronic Publishing
www.WestIL.net - Western Illinois Life Network (WISP)
PPC.WestIL.net - Preston's PC's (by request. Ok not the cheapest but NEVER boring for sure!)
^ and an excellent example of one practical way out on dot.com.long.gone.itis issues


Western Illinois Online Shopping Mall
1238 10th Street Smithshire IL 61478

ph: (309) 221-1427